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Week 5
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A double execution. Sharown and Channing were eliminated by the mole. Now only eight remained.

After the sad music faded down players had one more thing to do. I locked the general board, and hid a neutralizer in there. At this point, anyone who found it would be able to neutralize another player.

They were given 3 clues:

Obviously, the answer was execution and Kyle unlocked the board and neutralized Brian. Some players felt he was too immature, which he says is his strategy.

Kyle: not many can stand you, but I think that's what you're going for, so doesn't matter to you if that's what you're doing
Brian: Yeah, that's my plan.
Brian: Plus, there isn't many people I like in the game.
Brian: They're pretty immature.
Brian: I'm more mature, and I'm only 16.
Kyle: well, everyone's mature in their own way... but I see it as the more you know how immature you are, the more mature you truly are
Brian: I do it to piss people off in this game.
Brian: I'm normally a nice fella in others.
Kyle: why this game, though?
Brian: Because, I don't know these people.
Brian: So they don't have a perspective of me.

So Brian was out of the big promised exemption. But the neutralizing frenzy wasn't over. As a game of pictionary was brought to 4 players. Not only would the winner get a neutralizer, but a better chance of winning the exemption. While Rebecca cracked herself up with her, shall we say, unusual drawings Erin and Tara were pretty close in scores. At the end of 8 rounds, the winner was decided. Erin had the neutralizer. An unexpected decision to some was that she neutralized Tara. Probably, more unexpected was that this was under influence before hand in week 3/4 by Channing saying that she won too many exemptions. 3 to be exact.

It was now Paul's turn in the spotlight. A new game was devised for $25,000 but if someone would work alone it would be worth $75,000. The game would take a while though.

Brian wanted to play the part because he was neutralized and could not gain any bonuses and exemptions. And usually, when someone works alone, they can win something to get through the game. But, a decision by Rebecca put Paul into the hotseat. He had to play a long game of trial and error until he got it right. Surprisingly, 10 minutes later he figured it out. $75,000 added to the pot, but as anticipated he was offered something. If he could throw the word orange into his conversation 10 times without being noticed he would get 15 bonus points for his quiz. He used this perfectly to annoy Brian.

Finally, the moment of glory...DOTS. It doesn't sound that exciting, but when there's an exemption on the line you'll do anything. All the players would have to beat me in a game of DOTS in less than a minute. Me and each contestant had one minute on the clock for each of us, for each game. If a player timed out, I would win. If I timed, out they would win. For each player, who beat me $5000 would be added.

First was Kyle. I timed out against him so he made it to Round 2. Jerome was next, and he beat me, when I made the wrong move. Susan had no idea how to play and she lost. Tara timed out against me and lost. Rebecca was down to 5 seconds where she would time out. However, I timed out again! $15,000 was added for the three of them.

So Kyle, Jerome, and Rebecca were the 3 people battling for the exemption. In the first parts it was nothing but choose any place. But as Kyle made more mistakes with his keyboard he became more vulnerable to Jerome and Rebecca. Rebecca actually won the game by stringing together the leftovers.

Now it was time for the quiz. 10 questions about the mole. The lowest would be executed.

Click here for the execution.