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As said on the home page, this game involves 12 people working together to create sums of money that total up to $1,000,000 (the group pot). Against them is the mole who will attempt to sabotage their efforts secretly and undetected.

Players will also have a team partner which will help them in team challenges. Team challenges are where players can win special privileges.

There are other challenges. There are normal challenges. There are possibly, exemption games where players are allowed to skip the quiz.

Also, thrown into the game are special events like neutralizations, and rest points.

Starting in the fifth week, players will rank each other. I will then average their rating to create a stat bonus which will be used in the quiz. This quiz will determine who will stay and who goes.

The quiz is 10 questions relating to the identity of the mole. Each correct answer will add 5 points and then bonuses are added on and penalties are subtracted. The lowest scorer, after all quizzes have been taken, is the executed member of the group that week.

Blue if the player has been exempt
Green if the player will continue on to the next round
Red if the player has been eliminated and must be immediately sent home.

Thatís just a typical week in The Mole Room.

Note: Rules can change because of special circumstances.