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Week 2
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So Lauren was executed leaving 10 players and the mole. The group would only have 2 challenges this week along with their discussion. Not exactly as much room to sabotage as last week.

At the execution players were given their first one. Send in a picture of yourself to my address. As an incentive, the first 2 players would gain points to split amongst their teammates. Brian was really quick to send his in, so he decided to split his points with his team mate Tara.

"...we need to stick
together. So, lets share points for now on..."
- Brian to Tara (In Hotel Room)

"...I will stick with you as long as you talk to me you seem a lot more involved this week..."
- Tara to Brian (In Hotel Room)

Kyle was the second one in. He also did the same thing by sharing his points with Erin. This was not just a competition though. This mission was actually for the group pot. But first the group had to pick a number from 1-57. I was surprised that they didn't recognize the 57. That 57 was from their group pot, they had $57,000. Rebecca picked 44 and said it was her lucky number. It wasn't that lucky especially since it was their penalty number. If they lost the challenge they'd lose $44,000.

Susan rang in with her picture only to find it wasn't worth anything. Tara came in close behind along with Erin trailing. Sharown came in as the 6th person. But that was it, time was up. No more pictures could be taken now. The group had lost $44,000.

The next challenge was for the same amount. $50,000. It was a little harder too. First they had to split up into 4 groups.
- 3 people good at math (Rebecca, Susan, Jerome)
- 3 logical people (Paul, Sharown, James)
- 4 people who are good at the process of elimination (Tara, Brian, Kyle, Erin)
- 1 person you can trust (Channing

The math players are known as the map makers. They had to solve a very simple problem dealing with the players ages and enter the solution into a GPS system which let them find a map. Susan tried first but ended up getting the wrong coordinates. Rebecca was the next one and found the map and Jerome double checked her.

The logical players had to solve up to 9 puzzles. For each one they'd clear a room on the map to show that it has or doesn't have a sniper. Paul was the only one working though. He was able to clear the first 6 problems but the last 3 had a catch, especially the third one. He'd have a chance to wager up to $2000 on each problem. He nailed the first two, but wasn't that confident in the second one. So he added $3000. In the last one, since he decided to solve it he was given a lot of opportunity. He wagered $1000 on it. However, he had the chance to quadruple his wager if he wanted to but if he didn't he would gain an exemption but lose all the money he's wagered before. He decided to take the exemption. Since he solved all 9 problems correctly though 9 rooms on the map were cleared.

The elimination players had to go through the complex shown on the map to find Channing. First they had to solve a problem dealing with a bridge. They had a chance to bypass it though for the cost of $5000 but Tara found the answer on a fan page and cleared it. Now the chose the order in which they'd enter. If they entered a room with a sniper they'd be eliminated from the game. First Tara went and stopped in the wrong room. Brian went and accidentaly walked into a sniper room eliminating him. Kyle went only into one room. Erin also didn't find Channing.

They had to restart again with Tara and work in any order. Tara failed again. Kyle failed again. Tara tried again and found Channing. She was presented with two buttons. The blue one and red one. One would release Channing, one would eliminate her. She chose Blue which was incorrect subtracting $10,000 which she wagered on that button. Kyle followed Tara's footsteps back into the elevator where Channing was. Listening to Tara he pressed Red and released him. Not only was $50,000 added but $10,000 was added because I made a mistake while showing the surveillance results to them.

On their quiz day they were pretty busy. They'd have a discussion as well as their quiz. Their discussion was on abortion but they horribly failed as the only got 4 posts of the needed 15.  That ended the week.

6 players showed for the execution. They had the issue of one challenge before someone was executed. I gave them $50,000 to split amongst who they thought was executed. They chose to place $20,000 on James, $20,000 on Jerome, and $10,000 on Sharown.

As the players reviewed their panel they realized the executed person was not in the chat room. James was the one executed adding $20,000. A bittersweet moment. They lost a player but won money. Also for the mole too, happy that someone was executed, sad that money was added.