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Week 1
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It started out with 12 people put together in a game of challenges. Working against them was the player I chose as the mole. All players were notified in their email that the game would start on Monday. To catch all of them off guard, I concocted a special challenge.

 The twelve players had to form a chain sort of like in the weakest link. All of them were given a question and they had to post it on a chain letter and pass it on. For every correct answer I would add $1000 and for every incorrect answer $500. The chain was passed first to Brian.

 Brian took a while to pass it until the next day. Well at least everybody claimed he did.

     ďI sent it to Channing a LONG time ago...So, if it hasn't gotten that far. We know who the mole is.Ē


 Channing was next who passed it to Erin. However, everyone received a letter beforehand.

  ...going to the mountains in a little
bit. I will be back early tomorrow, so don't worry. I will get my letter passed
on. I'll be on sometime tomorrow afternoon, so be prepared!



Erin did manage to log on though. Around 9 or 10 oíclock she passed it to James who was luckily online. When I contacted James he said he did pass it to Jerome. 30 minutes later he came back on to tell me that he forgot to keep the questions on. It was okay for him to repass it and it turns out Jerome wasnít online anyway.

The group had failed its first challenge. Where did we go wrong was in every subject on the boards. There wasnít much time to think about that as they were given journals and keys to their hotel rooms. Not much communication happened in the hotel rooms but a lot of finger pointing did happen in the general board.

 Monday came and it was time for the second challenge. The group first must choose a good decision maker. All 11 of them decided they were the best ones. However, Erin grabbed it first and they decided it would be her. She was sent to a link and was given the opportunity to recover the previous challenge. The catch? Neutralize a player. While total chaos was going on in the chat room she made her decision. She neutralized Lauren making the challenge worth $42,000. Even though that happened they still had to complete their challenge. Create 42 words out of who is the mole. It didnít take very long and most of them alone were able to come up with at least 20.

 The team that came up with the most would win extra credit on their quiz. The players didnít realize the more they talked the more of the words that disappeared. Brian found this out and purposely typed in ďLOLĒ repeatedly to get rid of all of them. All of them were placed in a 6-way tie. Each player had to answer a chain letter question from another player. If they answered correctly they moved onto the final round, which Tara was able to win by answering how many exemptions were offered in both series.

 It didnít exactly go well with the players. Some argued over how easy some of their questions were and how hard some of them. So afterwards the players who stayed came up with the solution of a rematch. I had to quickly make one up.

 It was 10 questions about the original mole, Kathryn. Whoever got the most correct and sent it in the fastest would win. Most players didnít send one in and the others all got at least 9 correct. Paul got all 10 correct and sent it in the fastest. He was able to split 10 points with him and Susan.

 Soon a very interesting clue did appear. 4 letter combinations.


They had to figure out how each letter combination responds to the numbers. Kyle was very quick at this and was able to figure it out. Each letter combination was actually an atomic symbol of the periodic table of elements. When finding them they all have an atomic number, which is the number right beside them. Paul came in to confirm and they both added $10,000. 

Every week the players have to have a discussion usually about issues. They must reach a certain number of posts but have restrictions. This weekís topic was Prayer In Schools:

 I think that Prayer is any childís right in school. Freedom of Religion means in and out of school. Any other religion is tolerated in school but if a child wants to Pray people say no especial Christian children. If you want to take any other class its okay go start a Hindu class of Muslim or whatever else that okay right its your freedom, but no praying in school you cant do that it might offend someone. I donít see the difference they are all religion so what are they so afraid of?

-          Sharown

 Yeah, what you say is okay, but how do you plan on going about it? No schools that I know of have classes on Hinduism. Also, what should you say? "Okay! You, Christian boy over there, now it's your turn to pray." It's a battle that I don't think will ever be won.

And, what do you mean by "They are all religion"?? As I mentioned in my post, what about Atheists that do not have a traditional religion? They are people too.

-          Erin replying to Sharown


Prayer in school is fine. As long as the child does it on his or her own time. (example..lunch) No one has a right to stop someone from praying. We do however have a separation of church and state in the United States. There is nothing wrong with praying as long as it does not interfere with the Childs education.

-          Rebecca replying to Erin


I definitely believe prayer is of utmost importance in school. I don't think it should be forced because our country is not built on force and it's a battle that would never be over with.

Prayer has a big significance in everyone's life (except the atheists). When they took prayer out of schools in the early 1960s, the crime rate rose. I know that a lot of other things were going on at the time like the Civil Rights movement, so there were other things that may have helped raise the crime rate, too. But taking prayer out of schools didn't stop the crime rate or slow it down, either.

As far as the moment of silence times at events such as football games, I personally have never been able to relate to those. We have those at some of the events at my university, and the announcer will say something like, "And now, let's have a moment of silence in remembrance of those who have (fill in blank here)". Who can I remember? If they're veterans, or students who died the previous year, then I probably don't know them. I'm sure not remembering anyone because I don't know anyone who fits into that category. I'm not saying this isn't a bad idea, so please don't get offended. I'm saying instead of this, this is where I and many others I know say the Lord's Prayer at these events.

These moments of silence and prayers are as uplifting as our national anthem for our patriotic side at sports games. It's times like these, that allow us to collect our thoughts, whether we're religious or not, lift up our spirits (or minds if you're atheist) and better enjoy the day. So, let's have times like these at the beginning of the day in schools. It can just take a couple of minutes so it doesn't take away from the education, and students and teachers can participate if they choose to or not.

-          Kyle


Well, it actually depends. I think kids could do it if they want, but I don't think they should have the whole class do it. Because, what if people who have a different religion that don't believe in praying. It's basically ruining their, some other religion could be done. So, basically, do what you want. As long as it don't hurt others...

-          Brian replying to Kyle


Although they did bring up some interesting points they didnít have enough posts to gain enough money. Still they had two more challenges left before the execution. First one they had to choose 4 people who were reality addicts. Second, they were completely unaware of.

 They chose Erin, Paul, Channing, and Tara who were given a set of 2 questions each. For every person that answered 2 correctly, Iíd add $10,000. For every person that answer 1 correctly, Iíd do nothing. IF anybody got both wrong, a strike would be added and if three of them struck out no money would be added and the other person would gain an exemption, which didnít happen. Paul and Tara both got theirs right adding $20,000. Channing was a little confused with his Survivor question and got it wrong. Erin didnít remember the first two nominees from Big Brother: 1.

ÖAnd Finally, the last challenge. Tara was given the opportunity for an exemption or extra credit. She was given the surrender flag. If she chose to surrender she would add $20,000. If she chose to hide it she would gain an exemption but remove $10,000. If she chose to wave it in front of the group, for each time she would get one point but remove $1000.

 And thus the week had ended. After 7 challenges the group was finally done but still had that nagging quiz on them. Since Tara won the exemption she didnít have to take it but she still had to transfer her extra credit points, so she chose Kyle.

 Paul had 5 points and decided to co-align with Lauren. It was a good strategy. He would copy her and if their suspicions werenít correct Lauren would be eliminated because he had 5 points on her.

 Which was what happened. As all players searched their panels Lauren saw a glimpse of red. She was the moleís first victim and I guess you can say Paulís tooÖ