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Why did you apply for the mole room?
 I wanted to apply because I wanted to know what it would be like to play an online mole game.
 As of now, it seems fun.  You just have to keep on schedule with all the online events, which
I'm not really doing a good job doing  :P.

Why do you think you were picked as a player?
 I think I was picked because of my individual personality.

Right now, who do you feel the closest to in the game?
I don't really talk to any of my fellow contestants, so I'd probably say Karl/Anderson.

Any strategy you plan to use in the game?
Don't piss off anybody, keep your ideas to yourself.  That's what i'm sticking to.

Are you the mole?
Watch and see folks.  Watch and see.


Name: Jerome
Age: 14, coming on 15
Birthday: december 13, 1986

Eye Color: brown
Hair Color: black

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Occupation: student
Married: no
Most Embarrassing Moment: falling on my face in front of a whole crowd in
3rd grade
Best Kept Secret: ok, well one time, my friends and i wanted to watch an
R-rated movie, and we couldn't get in.  i ended up walking back to my
friend's house (which was super far away).  i told my parents i watched
another movie instead, so they wouldn't think of anything suspicious.  to
this day, they don't know.  >:)
Children: right........
Foreign Languages Spoken:  learning french
Tattoos: none
Piercings: none
Smoker: no
Pets Names: don't have a pet
Musical Instrument: have a drum set
Favorite Relaxation Activity: listening to music
Best Quality: i'm a real affable person once you get to know me
Worst Quality: i'm too short
Bad Habits: picking my nose in public, laughing too much
Fears: being hated, being alone
How long to get ready in the morning: about 30 minutes

Favorite Drink: cold hawaiian punch
Favorite Book: brave new world
Favorite Color: tie between blue and black
Favorite Animal: panda
Favorite Actor/Actress or Comedian: tom green
Favorite Movie: tommy boy
Favorite Song or Band: new found glory
Lucky Number and explain why: 142,853, when you multiply by 2,3,4, and so
on, the digits change places

Do you think you can participate in the game every other day? It depends
when it's on; i probably could

If you could live in another country where would it be and why?
france, so i can utilize my french skills

How do you deal with pressure? 
stay calm and hope that everything's gonna be alright

Would you be the mole or would you rather be a contestant? UNKNOWN

Why would you be a good mole?  UNKNOWN

What qualities allow you to be undetected?
i'm calm, cool, and sneaky.  i also think a few steps ahead of everything and everyone.

How creative are you?
very creative.  i don't like doing what others do.

What reality contestant do you identify with? 
i could identify with kathryn from the first mole.  i'm still surprised she was the mole.  
she did pretty good.

Describe your personality.
my personality?  ok, fine, when people meet me at
first, they're probably like "who the hell is that guy?" i like laughing a
lot, so some people like it and some people don't.  i get so mad when people
hate me because of how i appear to be on the outside.  i feel like i'm not
doing anything wrong.  so i just shrug it off like nothing and ignore that
person.  i like having fun, and i'm open to ANYTHING.  if you told me to
skydive, i'll do it.  that's just a little bit of my craziness for you.
hehe.  pick me and you won't be disappointed.  :)