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Challenges and Events
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Below are descriptions of each event. 


Pet's Team ($30,000)
The 3 people in this team would have to go to and raise 30,000 np together.

No-Pet's Team ($30,000)
The 3 people in this team could also do pet team's challenge to add $30,000 to the pot. Or they could just raise a little np and gain 5 points each on their quiz.

Double-Execution Part 1
If players failed this part, 2 people would be executed on Saturday. Players were given 10 tough questions about previous executed players. They had to get 5 out of 10 to move onto round 2.

Double Execution Part 2
If players failed this part, 2 people would be executed on Saturday. One at a time they were given an intercept from an episode of Friends. They had to locate that episode and give me it's episode number and/or title. They had to find 3 out of 5 to prevent the execution.

Obvious Answers Part 1 ($2000)
One person voted as the obvious person would have to decode picturegrams that could read in many ways. Once the picturegram is decoded $500 will be added to the pot. The person can also ask for help but decrease the answers worth down to $250. On the 6th question the player will have the oppurtunity to switch the teams if he/she answers the question correctly.

Obvious Answers Part 2 ($71,000)
The rules are the same in round one, except the money amount of each answer is doubled. On the final answer the obvious person can gain an exemption by neglecting to answer the question. However, the money value will increase as well as points being given to the players in the room at that time. It will eventually reach $64,000 where the obvious person will get an exemption and 10 points for everyone in that room.

Blank Crossword
The players were sent a crossword puzzle with no clues and no answers. They had to figure out what went in each blank. The winner would get 5 points in their quiz.


The Chat Room ($70,000)
$5000 would be added for each person attending the execution, but in order to reach it players must first download Yahoo Instant Messenger. A bonus of $20,000 would be added if at least 7 people attended.

Unlock the Board
Players would have 3 clues to help them unlock the message board again. The first person there would win a neutralizer.

Anyone attending the Monday meeting, will play a game of dictionary. At the end of the round, when all scores are tallied, the player with the most points will win a neutralizer and an edge on the DOTS competition.

DOTS ($40,000)Similar to the little John/little Jane game. All players will come to play a quick game of DOTS against me. For each person that beats me, $5000 will be added. And all who beat me make it pass to the next round where they can win the only exemption in this round. At that point, all players would battle at the same time.



Execution Time ($50,000)
The players attending the execution were given $50,000 to split amongst those who think are going to be executed. The group will win the money they placed on the person actually executed.

"Anderson's" Age (Credit Challenge)
The players are given an equation to find out the host's age. The first one with the correct answer would win 5 points.

Team Races (Team Challenge/Mission)
The attending members have to split up the group into 3 groups. One who has too much free time, one who loves to play games, and the scavengers. Little do they know this will break all of their team lines and form them into these 3 teams. For each team that can complete their assignment, $25,000 will be added. The first team to finish will win 5 points for each team member. 

The free time team has to fill out surveys with at least 100 questions.
The games team has to compete against me in 5 games and win at least 3.
The scavengers team has to find web-sites according to a list.

To Tell The Truth ($100,000)
The players have received a long list of best, worst qualities and bad habits. Their objective is to correctly match it up with whoever it belongs to, however players can constantly lie to win points. Each incorrect answer will win that player points, however no money will be added. For each correct answer $2500.

For the photos, the players have to match the photos up with their owner's. Same deal as above, incorrect means bonus points for the person. All photos must be correct to add $25,000.

Trout Slapping
This challenge was pretty simple. Enter the person's name that you don't want to have an exemption into your keyboard, and press a special key to create a new message. The person you entered would be slapped with a trout (virtually, lol) and eliminated from the game. The last player standing will win.

Let's Make a Deal
Player's obviously rely on communication to gain notes for the quiz, however, players ware allowed to gain a huge advantage now. Players will be allowed to view all the applications that they sent in, however, a die will be rolled and based on what it rolls, money will be subtracted. It's risky, but worth it. However, on the safe side players can bargain with me. I'll reveal 10 application fields for less subtraction.

The Subtraction Rate:

Deal Roll a 1 Roll a 2 Roll a 3 Roll a 4 Roll a 5 Roll a 6
Full Applications $20,000 $40,000 $60,000 $80,000 $100,000 $120,000
10 Fields $10,000 $20,000 $30,000 $40,000 $50,000 $60,000


Inquisition (Interviews/Credit Challenge)
The players are given an opportunity to learn important quiz information about each other. Surprisingly they are given a credit challenge for up to 10 bonus points. They would be asked 10 questions, the first one to get the correct answer would win 1 credit point.

Picture Perfect - $50,000
The players first must pick a mysterious number from 1-57. This number is known as their penalty number which is how much money they will be penalized if they don't complete this mission correctly. All players must send in an actual photo of themselves to my address. The game is considered completed if all 11 players complete their task.

Lamp Game - $56,000
This game is similar to the sniper game in season 1. The group will split into 2 teams of 3, 1 team of 4, and one person will be captured. The groups are mappers/math who will attempt to unlock a map for the complex. Logic/Surveillance team which will survey rooms to find snipers and the Elimination/Infiltrators who will enter the complex to find the captured member. In order for any work to be done, the mappers must solve a quick math problem and enter coordinates into a GPS device. If entered correctly, they have created a map which the logic and elimination team can use.

Using the map, the elimination team will go through the complex one by one looking for the captured member. If they enter a room with a sniper they are eliminated. If they find the captured member, they still have to activate a button to release him, but there are 2. One which will eliminate the player, and one which will release him.

Weekly Discussion - $15,000 (Discussion)
As always, every week the group must discuss a certain topic and reach a number of posts without breaking the limitations. This week they had to discuss prayer in schools and reach 15 posts. The limitations were a person can only post twice and they must create at least one message instead of replying 2 times.


My Favorite Things - $12,000
Starting with the first person, the group will pass around a chain letter and answer trivia questions about their favorite items. For each correct answer I will add $1000. For each incorrect answer, but the letter was passed I will add $500. However, the letter must reach all 12 people in order to gain any money.

'Who is the mole' - $30,000 (Team Competition)
This game has a lot of catches in it. First of all the group must pick a decision maker who ultimately decides the game's value. To up the value to $42,000 the player must neutralize another. Afterwards, the challenge begins and the group has 3 minutes to reform who is the mole into 30(42 of neutralizer was activated) words. At the end words will be tallied and the group with most words will win extra credit.

Kathryn Quiz (Team Competition)
This was originally not scheduled and not planned but an argument over who really won the first competition broke out. The players had to answer 10 questions about the original mole, Kathryn. Whoever got the best score in the fastest time would win 10 credit points to split between their team (5 points for each person).

WHITe Clue - $10,000 (Mini-Challenge/Clue)
The group usually receives clues to their next one and one of theirs was a rare one where they'd have to solve it. In order to win $10,000 the group had 5 hours to solve a word/number combination and find out the connections between each letter and number. The clue was:
W - 74
H - 1
I - 53
Te - 52

Weekly Discussion - $15,000 (Discussion)
As always, every week the group must discuss a certain topic and reach a number of posts without breaking the limitations. This week they had to discuss prayer in schools and reach 15 posts. The limitations were a person can only post twice and they must create at least one message instead of replying 2 times.

Reality TV - $40,000
The group would select 4 people to play in this challenge. Each person would receive a set of two questions. If they answer both correctly they will add $10,000 to the pot. If they answer 1 correctly, no money will be added. If they answer both incorrectly then the group will gain a strike. If 3 players or more strike out then the game is over. If 3 strike out but one doesn't then that player will gain an exemption.

White Flag - $20,000 (Tool)
Usually players might stumble upon the white flag which is the ultimate tool for exemptions and extra credit galore. The catch? The user must decieve the group until midnight the day they found it. However, the white flag is not just a tool of evil. If the person using it has good intentions, they can gain $20,000 for the group or they have 2 other options.
1) Hide the flag and gain an exemption but lose $10,000 from the pot
2) Wave the flag and receive a point of extra credit each time, but lose $1000 each time (truly a bargain)