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Week 3/4
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This was probably the hardest week ever. Contestants had to basically double up on everything, challenges, quizzes, executions...

It started after James was executed. The group wasn't madly devastated but still there's just something when somebody goes. Not enough time for that, as they started their 3 day assignment. Quickly they had to maneuver into 3 teams with separate tasks, the team that finished first would win a 5 point bonus on their quiz. Erin helped a lot with the splitting up and they agreed on their final decision. There were only 6 in the chat room at that time and they decided to make it to the final six so they evenly split themselves up and threw the others on with them.

Final Decisions:
Brian, Paul, Kyle
Erin, Jerome, Channing
Sharown, Susan, Tara, Rebecca

Normally, players were organized into partnered teams in the beginning forming 6 teams of 2. Some players actually formed coalitions around this which was a bad mistake. Their new decisions broke the old team lines and formed them into 3 new ones. To finalize this, teams had to create team names and flags. Brian, Paul, and Kyle decided on the interesting name of Slack Jacks, Erin Jerome and Channning came up at the last minute (actually they were late) and chose player's club. Sharown, Susan, Tara, and Rebecca wanted Sassy Gals.

Slack Jacks were given the fun task of filling out at least 500 survey questions. Paul the first one filled one out and Kyle filled out 4. They weren't the first to get done though, Tara was determined to find a list of websites with scavenger items and she found all of them.

Erin would've been first but her computer broke down for an hour before Tara was done. She and Channing worked on beating me at games on and I tried my hardest to win at dominoes, word racer, and checkers but lost all 3. A total for all the teams tasks, added $75,000.

Later on, a list of best qualities, worst qualities, and bad habits appeared in their profile section. They weren't given any instruction yet, except for 'we're going to use a lot of this information in the next game'. And that they were. It was a form of To Tell The Truth where helping the team didn't benefit you. First, they were given photos of the contestants and had to tell who each person was. They identified the first 6 correctly until it got down to a group shot of one person.


Final Picture

They had to figure out who was in it and what number that person was. Paul and Tara thought it was Sharown yet they had no clue what number she was, if she was in the picture. So Paul concocted a little scheme of adding favorite numbers together. Paul's was 32, and Brian's was 8 (well he said that for the time). They added it together and 32+8 to get 40, and reduced that to 4. Strangely enough, that was right. For the last 3 parts, they had to match the qualities up with each person but they had limited time and had to work a little faster. All of them basically guessed which worked effectively. A total of $66,500 was added. A little catch was in the game though, any incorrect answer would win that person some points. And a lot benefitted from that. Strangely, Paul was in the chat room helping and he managed to get 2 points.

Afterwards, the group had, shall we interesting game. It was for one of the two exemptions that week. All they had to do was select who they didn't want to have an exemption, and...slap someone with a trout. It sounds insane but Tara wouldn't complain because she was the last one standing. of the most important things in the game is the quizzes. They basically are what's eliminating the players in the game, and any access to info is coveted. (Trust me, players do a lot for info). Now they were given a chance to see the full applications of each player, including the mole. Of course, you should know by now that everything in the game is costly. This time it could cost up to $120,000 based on the roll of my dice, if they decided to take it. Tara didn't seem to hesitant and decided to go for it. The die was rolled and it was a 2. $40,000 was subtracted.

The week was slowly coming to the end where the two players would leave. But first, a last chance opportunity for the second exemption. Players where given a maze with two levels of difficulty. Master and Regular. The first person to navigate correctly through the master maze would win the exemption. The first two people (excluding the master winner) that got through the regular maze would win 5 bonus points. Hidden throughout the maze were riddles which must be answered correctly in order to continue. Also, there was the lit fuse. If any player walked over it, they would have to start over again. Recalling Tara's words 'it was easy' and won the exemption. Kyle and Erin both finished the master later on, then finished the Regular for 5 points each.

And that brought the two quizzes...

Sharown did not turn in a single quiz and was executed from Round 3. For Round 4, there was a tie. In the event of a tie, final weights are added onto the scores to see who will go. First the test of speed, the slower player would be more vunerable. And second, the test of the past where older quizzes are taken into account. Channing lost in both ways and was executed in Round 4...

Stay tuned for Episode 5