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Home Rules Season 2 Communication Game Data Live Execution


Execution Time ($50,000)
The group wagered $20,000 on James, $20,000 on Jerome, and $10,000 and Sharown. James was executed adding $20,000 to the pot.

"Anderson's" Age (Credit Challenge)
Erin won 5 points.

Team Races
The free time team was second.
The games team was third.
The scavengers team was first winning 5 points each.
All teams successfully completed their tasks adding $75,000.

To Tell The Truth ($100,000)
The group won $66,500 in total however many players won points.
Brian: 0
Channing: 0
Erin: 1
Jerome: 3
Kyle: 0
Paul: 2
Rebecca: 1
Sharown: 2
Susan: 3
Tara: 0

Trout Slapping
Tara was the only in the first round to not get slapped winning an exemption.

Let's Make a Deal
They decided they wanted the full applications and I rolled a 2 subtracting $40,000.

Deal Roll a 1 Roll a 2 Roll a 3 Roll a 4 Roll a 5 Roll a 6
Full Applications $20,000 $40,000 $60,000 $80,000 $100,000 $120,000
10 Fields $10,000 $20,000 $30,000 $40,000 $50,000 $60,000


Inquisition (Interviews/Credit Challenge)
Kyle won 4 points, Tara 2 points, Brian 1 point, Rebecca 1 point, Channing 2 points.

Picture Perfect - $50,000
The group chose 44 as their number meaning if they didn't turn in their pictures, $44,000 would be subtracted. Only 6 people turned in their photo, one turned theirs in late. $44,000 was subtracted.

Lamp Game - $72,000
They won $50,000 for finding Channing and an extra $10,000 for wagering on their button. Since Paul neglected to quadruple his winnings, he won an exemption.

Weekly Discussion - $15,000 (Discussion)
The group got 4 points really below the 15 they needed.


My Favorite Things - $12,000
It made it to Jerome, and no one knows what happened to it there. He said that he told the person before him to pass it onto Kyle, which we don't know if that happened or not.

'Who is the mole' - $30,000 (Team Competition)
Erin neutralized Lauren bringing up the value. They won the challenge and Brian and Tara won 5 points each, because of an argument a rematch took place and Brian and Tara only won 2.5 each.

Kathryn Quiz (Team Competition)
Paul got all 10 questions correctly and came in first place.

WHITe Clue - $10,000 (Mini-Challenge/Clue)
Kyle solved the problem and Paul quickly confirmed it.

Weekly Discussion - $15,000 (Discussion)
The group managed to get 13 points, 2 away from their requirement.

Reality TV - $40,000
Only Tara and Paul got their questions correct adding $10,000 to the pot.

White Flag - $20,000 (Tool)
Tara decided to hide the white flag and subtracted $10,000 from the pot.