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Monumental Park
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An exemption is hidden in this page.


4 previous players gave their thoughts on you. Below are 4 monuments dedicated to you. Each monument is numbered from 1 to 4. Find which monument belongs to whom and send me the answers via email. Each correct answer is worth $12,500. Each incorrect answer will win that player half a bonus point. I will accept the first answer sheet.




You may know what each other's favorite color is and such, but you should know how each other acts now. Madlibs always show someones true personality based on the words they picked. Below are 4 story monuments dedicated to the 4 of you. All of you filled out a madlib sheet and those monuments are the products. Do the same as you did above. Each is worth $12,500. Each incorrect answer will win that player 1 bonus point. I will accept the first answer sheet.


Tom Hanks is currently looking for someone with a positive couch , a good running record and who has flexible GI Joe to work as a part time policeman . Major responsibilities include jumping , and picking up head cheese from other companies, delivering syrup throughout the pancakes , and other business-related beach balls as assigned. Work hours are from 9 AM to 1991 . To apply, please come to pluto or send a resume to Eva .
I cannot tell you how important it is to have the proper amount of sleep each night. Without it, you can Dance sensations such as feeling Jell-O or seeing things that arenít there. Not Squishing enough can affect your Smoking and cause Sporks to fall out of the St. Louis Arch . If you lose enough Brake Fluid , you can start experiencing Graceful Veggie Works Burritos , and bright Paper Hats . If you are experiencing lack of sleep, do not operate any heavy Zebras and do not Yodel . Sleep deprivation can affect not only these, but many other areas of your life as well.

The Industrial Revolution changed the face of much Americaís history. The biggest change was made in how necklaces were produced. Things like spiderman that were once built at Taco Bell , were now walked at the factory. jumping and technical efficiency increased because of the new way things were being produced. This also had a pen on society. More elephants were pumping into cities and there were more beer to choose from. There was also new victoria secrets introduced in business. This Industrial Revolution continues to happen around the globe on mars as well


Organic farming combines many methods to make sure there is minimal Brownies erosion, fridgeting , and that the soil stays bright . Conventional farmers use some of these same methods, but not as much. iguanas are used to give minerals back to some soil. Using fertilizers can cause quick growth, but can also fight some important Jack in the Box such as beef jerky , and bacteria. shoestrings held in place by the buttons of plants are less likely to pounce away or erode rather than just long soil.